In our family, we believe that we do our best learning when we're doing our best living.

What that means day-to-day is that we try to listen to our minds, our hearts, and our spirits--the all of us, so that we might become our grandest selves.
Sometimes we're racing and flitting, and each day - sometimes every minute!- is different, though it does happen that we go days and days gulping up the same things.... and we don't worry about it too much either way.

While certainly the Joy and the moment are our best guides, we do have some tools around us to help us stay engaged and interested in life and the world around us.
Here are a few posts about the "what" and "how" we do things:

On Teaching (the 'how' and 'why' we do it)

A "Things To Do" Curriculum (for Trevelyn)

Inventory (things we have around the house)

Life.On the Shelf  (a bit about how it happens)

Unschooling : Embracing the All of it (about limiting Play)

And how are the Children? (the Happiness factor)
And one more....

And since Unschoolers do not follow a prescribed course of learning (a curriculum), a variety of Resources is absolutely imperative.
To read more about why these posts were compiled, and why I've made lists when unschoolers use everything growing or glowing under the sun for their learning, visit the first of these pages, 

To the end of offering ideas to  home educators and other unschoolers, this series of posts began in late February of 2012, and every week we'll offer new resource ideas.

Unschooling Tools : Games
Unschooling Tools : Math Play
Unschooling Tools : Television
Unschooling Tools : For Creativity
Unschooling Tools : For Reading

Future resource lists:

 Unschooling Tools : Asround Town cheduled for April 18, 2012
Software and Video Games
Science Love
Social Studies
The Heart's Desire

There are many families who learn the same way we do - you can find some of our favorites in the sidebar, and also on the Links page.

For the big stuff, you can view these folks:

The Natural Child Project

As everyone always says, Unschooling is more than a way of educating children, it's a way of Living.  It has to be.  It's too big to be contained in a cardboard box with the words "Learning Stuff" written on the sides.

Every thing counts,
and every One counts.

So we try to just live and love as best we can.