Friday, January 23, 2009

love, love, love

This day at our house has been about love.And joy, joy, joy.

Er - well, the day that started at one:something, anyway. Before that is a blur, because there was this "clean up your computer thing" going on before that. Outside and In. Not an abundance of joyjoyjoy, there.

We had rainand more love soon began...

first up were a couple of ScoobyDoo books
and then we decided that Reading was quite The Thing, and we fixed ourselves a big bowl of popcorn, grabbed a few redvines, settled our bums deeply into the down of the couch
...and carried on with a few of Mama's favorite books....
Dear Children of the Earth: A letter from Home (awesome)
and then Flotsam (also awesome)
and Old Turtle and The Broken Truth (so awesome)
and finally Zen Shorts (sigh. awesome).
Love Books, all of them.
Dear Children Of The Earth was Trev's favorite. "Because it almost made me cry."

Maddie and I created some more Love - in the name of LadyBug for her, and Frog For Trevelyn for me (lime green is his favorite color).... I placed my love note behind Trev's towel while he was in the bath...
and made a pink piggy, too...

"Mom, can we play that adding and subtracting game again?"
blink. "Do you mean with the dice?..."
So we did. For about an hour and a half.

After a little while, his Mama improvised, and instead of Trev just rolling one die, and adding or subtracting the numbers (according to what he called as he rolled) I decided to play, too, and using three dice, I added (quickly) all six numbers in my head, then Trev used his (new that Santa brought him) calculator to check my answers. Good practice for him, and sharpening quick adding skills for me!
During some of that time Madd was in the bath, and the rest she was doing her own explorations and calculations with SourPatchKid booty.... (maybe next time we'll play for real money - Trev will love that!)

And then another favorite of ours --Tangram games. Or, a variable of tangrams. We place a book between us to block our view of the other's blocks, and one calls direction while the other follows. It's telling of your skills at giving, as well as following direction. Today I introduced the concept of "vertical" and "horizontal". Trev caught on quickly, and we did wonderfully well! All were correct past the first game.

Then he accepted his sister's earlier invitation to play in the bath, while Mama got to sit just a handful of feet away and catch up on the day's photos and post.....
Then they're in the bath, and Trev is telling "Your Mother" (his version of Yo Mama, I guess) jokes to Maddie.... something about "Your mother is a shaved ape..." lol

"Guys! Come look at this....there's Fog...."
My babes have never seen fog. I love, love, love it-- especially when it's clean fog like it is today...

Lego Batman for Trev whilst patterns -and graphing!- with Clifford for Maddie...

.....homemade chicken noodle soup cooks.....
and there's fetching things (sage) from outside and the Plopping Into The Pot....
(and then more sage into the pot...
and then more.... Maddie has discovered the joy of Sage.... and Fog, and hard, crunchy, nighttime Snow...)

make cookies still?
No Bakes. (a chocolatey, nutty, oatmealy, peaunut-buttery Goodness).

Maddie is ready to cuddle, so I'm off...


  1. We love 'Dear Children Of The Earth', got it about 4 years ago, and yes it makes me tear up every time:) Especially the illustrations!

  2. Sounds like a great day. :)

  3. Julie - I think we got it about that time, too. And the first Old Turtle book.
    I love them so. :)


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