Monday, September 21, 2009

september 21: prelude

The first order of the day was of course to put up our Pinwheels.

When Trevy woke up he and I looked on the International Day of Peace website and read about the ideas and happenings for the day, and about the history.

Maddie and I took a trip to the library to pick up a few treasures.
With our new library totes, of course.
Which Madd was thrilled about.

After a bit more Business
(during which I had time to contemplate my life at the moment), I realized I was sooo ready for a day in the natural world (seems that often after a day of concrete and flashing lights I'm desperately ready for a day in the woods). Eric graciously gave up his fishing day so he might tote around his Beloveds, instead.

The first stop was our ski resort... when we drove up the canyon and got near Solitude, the babes started clamouring to explore their runs with their feet... racing up and down grass and soil where there is usually snow was a verra exciting business.

Mama got to collect mullein flowers for some medicine making. Also very exciting.

Up up up we go.
Over the pass,
and eventually we made our way to one of our favorite spots-- particularly in Autumn-time.
Many times when we play here we find interesting things... snakes, beaver lodges, interesting birds...
not today.
We eventually found one lonely caterpillar,

but it didn't matter.
The time was spent running (we were the only ones there)
and chasing
and hiking
and playing
and inventing
and creating

and playing make-believe
and finding dinosaur teeth
and fishing
and picnicking
and admiring.

And eventually we find ourselves back at our home
and playing
and singing
and running
and squealing.

it is enough.

Tomorrow is Mabon!
We'll see you then.


  1. Lovely pics! Pinwheels are so much fun. What kind of flower is that with the little spirals coming out of it? Magical!

  2. Oh gorgeous autumn is there....such wonderful days you have..xx

  3. I love seeing all the shots of your admiring nature..... lovely.

    I feel like every morning I wake up, more changes have occurred overnight... new colors and new light.

  4. When we lived out west (BC) one of our favourite things to do was visit the ski hills in the off season for exploration. I had forgotten about it until this post and now I am wondering if maybe we need to take a trip to a nearby ski hill (Not nearly as mountainous as BC but big and beautiful none the less) thanks for the reminder and the lovely entry.

    p.s. A commune with nature is very good for the soul after being surrounded by concrete and cars!

    p.p.s.s. Found your blog through HappyBirdycake.

  5. Beautiful pictures, as always! Glad to know you're still out "doing what you do". Love especially the picture of the acorn and also the lonely caterpillar.

  6. Aaaah...makes me want to go outside RIGHT NOW! :)

  7. This makes me miss the mountains, the forests, and *fall* so much! Still 90 degrees here and not fall-like at all. We spent the morning at the beach, which is nice, but still...

  8. Oh I know that feeling of needing to reconnect with nature...definately no city girl in this Mama!
    What a peaceful spot that looks for your day of peace.


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