Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Amidst The Great Quarantine of 2020 Madd and I had a need for adventure.

So we loaded up a big, cushy mat into the back of the truck, tossed in sheets and blankets, a five gallon tank of water (along with various drinking  bottles of water)... and all the bags two girls could need for a couple of days.

Down to Capital Reef area... highway 24, then onto the Cainville Wash road... to the Temples and Glass Mountain-- which is a small mountain made of Selenite.  Quite something to experience, for this witchy rockound.


 Temple of the Sun, Temple of the Moon, and Glass Mountain

While arriving (still daylight) we couldn't help but notice a little sign... "Cabin $50."
"I'll pay half!!" says Maddie.
:)  And so.

We had the whole damn world to ourselves.

We'll chalk this one down as a Favorite.

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